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Re-opening Survey - W/C - 1 June 2020

Thank you for responding and replying to our parent survey last week

1. Children invited to attend school who we have been identified by the school or other agencies, because they would benefit from some continued educational provision.
2. Children of critical workers.
3. Children with Education, Health and Care Plans.
4. Children in Reception.
5. Children in Year 1.
6. Children in Year 6.

If your child is in one or more of the six pupil groups listed above, you now need to decide whether you wish them to attend full time on or after 1 June .

If your child is currently attending school (full or part time), you must still make this application.

This is a yes/no choice and, apart from key workers in special circumstances, there will not be another opportunity for your child to join in-school provision before Monday 22 June.
A further window will open then for more children if there is room.

You must submit an application for each child you have at the school by 5pm on Wednesday 20 May.

I would like my child to come to school on or after Monday 1 June*
I have parental responsibility for the pupil above.*