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Helping with Phonics (stage 1)

At Stage 1 children are introduced to 24 codes that are used for the common phonemes (sounds) used in many words. On the pages in this section you will see the sound at the top of the page. This is shown inside two slashes so that children recognise this as the sound, for example /a/. The code, or letters, that we use for this sound is also shown alongside a video of the sound and a picture clue that can prompt children to remember the sound. At the bottom of the page are a list of example words and some links to useful resources for that sound.

Step 1 /s/  code s

Step 2 /a/  code a

Step 3 /t/ code t

Step 4 /p/ code p

Step 5 /i/ code i

Step 6 /n/ code n

Step 7 /m/ code m

Step 8 /d/ code d

Step 9 /g/ code g

Step 10 /o/ code o

Step 11 /k/ code c

Step 12 /k/ code k

Step 13 /k/ code -ck

Step 14 /e/ code e

Step 15 /u/ code u

Step 16 /r/ code r

Step 17 /h/code h

Step 18 /b/ code b

Step 19 /f/ code f

Step 20 /f/ code ff

Step 21 /l/ code l

Step 22 /l/ code -ll

Step 23 /ul/ code -le

Step 24 /s/ code -ss