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Pupil representatives

Throughout all year groups and classes we encourage children to develop a sense responsibility within our school community. Below, we have detailed some of the pupil representatives and their roles within school.

Sports ambassadors

Our role as a Bronze ambassadors is to help people to do sport and have fun doing it . We have run a club called the Change for Life sports club and we did lots of sport such as dodge ball,netball,basketball and table tennis. Everyone that came got a speical certificate that was hand made by us. We have also been going to Jack Hunt to learn our role and we have taken part in many different sports to learn our role. We have learnt that we need to inspire different people to come and do it too. We hope this can help many people that want to know about the role of a sports ambassador .

The Year 6 Sports ambassadors

Language ambassadors

At Middleton we are proud to welcome children with many different languages and from many different cultures. Each year group has a number of Language ambassadors and they represent the children that speak their home language. The ambassadors help Mrs Zebrowska to identify areas that we can improve for children with multiple languages and for children that may be new to English. The ambassadors also play an important role in welcoming children that have little or no English into Middleton.