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Religious Education

What is religious education?

Religious Education (RE) is about something fundamental – a space for serious critical exploration of the meanings and values by which we live. It is about making sense of the world and ourselves…

Simply put – RE is about helping children to interpret the world in which they live and to handle life’s big questions.

  • Our teaching of RE at Middleton is based on the Peterborough agreed syllabus – this reflects the main religion which are represented in Britain and that the main traditional religion of this country is Christian. 
  • The Headteacher, Governors and L.A have a joint responsibility to ensure that all registered pupils are provided with RE. 
  • An objective approach to the teaching of all religions is adopted, regardless of personal belief. 

What value does R.E have for children?

  • Develop and understanding of the major religions represented in this country.
  • Develop an understanding of the influence of beliefs on individuals and communities.
  • Develop informed responses to religious and moral issues
  • Enhance children’s own spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as they explore and reflect on their own experiences and those of others.
  • Work towards becoming informed and responsible citizens living on a diverse society.

Encourage positive attitudes towards religion and beliefs:

  1. Confidence in their own belief and value systems
  2. Respect for others and their beliefs
  3. Willingness to learn and gain new understanding
  4. Develop appreciation and wonder at the world in which we live.