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School Uniform

School uniform, embroidered with the school logo in gold, can be purchased from Chroma Sports, which can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. However, it is also possible to buy these items of uniform from local supermarkets or suppliers.  

We expect that all children will be dressed in sensible school clothes in school colours. This helps to develop a sense of belonging and pride in Middleton School.  School uniform details for different year groups are as follows:

EYFS and Years 1 - 5 Year 6 PE kit 
  • Bright red jumper, fleece or cardigan
  • White shirt (long or short-sleeved)
  • Grey or black trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafores
  • White, grey, red or black socks or tights
  • Black or other dark coloured shoes (trainers should only be worn for PE)
  • Red/white checked or striped dresses for girls in summer

PE kit can be worn on PE days - please see the details below.

  • A white buttoned shirt (not a polo shirt) 
  • A school tie (1 will be provided to each child at the school. If lost, parents will have to purchase a replacement)
  • A grey v-neck knitted jumper
  • Grey trousers or skirt
  • Grey or black socks
  • Black shoes or smart black trainers

PE kit can be worn on PE days - please see the details below.

Please see the details below for the school PE kit.

PE kit on PE days

Each class will have days when they will complete their PE sessions. On these days, children can come to school in their PE kit and spend the day in this kit. The details of the kit are shown below.

  • Black leggings, shorts or joggers
  • A white t shirt
  • A black, red or grey sweatshirt.

PE days will be confirmed by the class teacher atthe start of each term. 


Fashion and jewellery

Any unacceptable or outrageous fashion statements (hair, jewellery or clothes) will be referred by the Headteacher for the Governors’ consideration.

Jewellery is not allowed, for safety reasons.  If your child has pierced ears, only stud earrings should be worn in school. However, this at parents’ own risk should any injury occur. Watches may be worn, but at your child’s own risk.