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What is Success for All?

It is a programme for teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening from EYFS to Year 6.The programme is based on research and has been used widely both in the USA and the UK. It has been proven to raise standards in reading and writing.

The programme covers the important elements of Literacy, including reading, writing, speaking and listening and phonics. It also develops aspects of learning behaviour through the use of Co-operative learning strategies. Children learn to work with others, as a team and with partners. Partner and team talk is encouraged and children make progress in lessons as a result of this. An ideal SFA lesson should mean that the children are talking far more than the teachers!

Success for All at Middleton Primary School

  • Children are assessed on their reading fluency. The children are then grouped according to their reading ability and how they have performed in the reading assessment.
  • They are taught in ability groups across the school and this takes place every day for 90 minutes.
  • Kinder Corner ( EYFS) and Roots involves shared, paired and guided reading, daily phonics work, grammar and writing sessions.
  • Wings lessons follow a programme which ensures children are taught to read, analyse and respond to texts, learn the grammar and spelling requirements of the National Curriculum  and create, redraft and edit their own pieces of writing. 
  • High quality texts are used across the entire programme, exposing children to the work of important authors such as Michael Morpurgo, Jaqueline Wilson and Alan Ahlberg and also introduces classic poems such as The Jabberwocky.
  • Co-operative learning is a very important aspect of the programme – children work in teams and have a partner within that team. At the beginning of a new cycle, the children are put into teams of four and they decide on a team name. During the lesson children are given team points in lessons (up to 20 a day!) and then at the end of the week the team with the most points is given a prize. Points are given for five different areas:
  1. Active listening
  2. Helping and encouraging others
  3. Completing tasks
  4. Everyone participating
  5. Explaining ideas and telling why


Children are individually assessed every 8 weeks, in line with other school based assessments. This is to see how they are progressing and ensure that they are placed in the correct group.

Their progress is measured and they are re-grouped if necessary. This means that your child will be working with other children at the same achievement level, rather than age.

Progress is rapid, and very soon most children are working in the correct SFA group for their age. Children who do not make progress will be supported through afternoon intervention sessions