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Values and Ethos

Peterborough Keys Academy Trust


School Aims

At Middleton Primary School we aim to:

  • Provide excellent teaching in a creative, stimulating and safe environment
  • Equip each child to be an independent learner and thinker and to fulfil their academic potential
  • Help each child to become a well-rounded person who values themselves and others
  • Encourage children and their families to feel part of their local community and contribute to it.
  • Proud of our achievements, proud of our school

Middleton Primary School Strategic Intents 2017-20

  1. Raise attainment in Maths Reading and Writing. Sustain good standards of teaching and learning consistently across the curriculum and age groups.
  2. Sustain good leadership throughout the school.
  3. Remove barriers to learning through appropriate support and guidance for all pupil groups and their families.
  4. Support a cohesive learning community by promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness and development of all stakeholders. Promote health and well being.
  5. Facilitate pupils’ access to a range of learning styles through a precise, creative and cross-curricular approach.
  6. Improve and safely maintain the environment to support learning.
  7. Meet ongoing changes in the educational system; improve and enhance our provision through strategic collaboration with PKMAT schools.