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Welcome, our values and our staff

Middleton Primary School is a happy school. We are proud of our lovely pupils, they work hard, behave well and enjoy all that school has to offer. Our ethos is one of calm, purposeful learning, within a harmonious and inclusive community.

We have high expectations for all our pupils and staff. We believe that all children should develop into independent, skilled and confident young citizens, ready to meet the challenges of modern day life and to strive to become the best that they can be.

Middleton continues to be a very successful and thriving school for the benefit of everyone in the community. We view parents as partners, recognising the vital role that they play. We want to work together as a team, to fully realise the potential of your child.

Middleton Primary School is part of a Multi-Academy Trust, the Peterborough Keys Academy Trust. PKAT is a group of five Peterborough schools, Middleton Primary School, Jack Hunt School, Longthorpe Primary School, Ravensthorpe Primary School and Thorpe Primary School. We work together to ensure pupil achievement, well being and strive to provide the best experience for our pupils.  You can access the PKAT website 

You are most welcome to come and look around the school, to meet pupils and staff and see our success yourself. The school’s website also details a snapshot of what we do.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Mrs Alma McGonigle



Learning with our Head, heart and hands

The Middleton Primary School community believes that holistic education entwines the gifts brought by the head, heart and hands of every person. We aspire to create an environment that supports children and the school community in their lifelong journey of self development, discovery and growth.

Underpinning everything we do is learning with our head, heart and hands.


Believe that you and others can succeed and be the best they can be.

Inspired to learn at home, at school, within the community and for life.


Value differences and overcome barriers. Respect yourself, respect others and respect our surroundings.


Explore, experience, challenge and create within the curriculum and beyond. Keep ourselves and others safe.

OUR STAFF - Senior Leadership


Martin Fry
Executive Headteacher

Alma McGonigle

Sally Hudson
Assistant Headteacher

Megan Taylor
Operations lead

School Organisation

Key Stages 1 and 2 are organised into phase teams:

Early Years Foundation Stage

  School responsibility
Nic Carnegie School Community lead
Hannah Webb RE

Key Stage 1

  Year School responsibility
Hannah McDermott 1 Phonics / Early reading
Britnie Miller 1  

Sara Downer (maternity leave)

Ruth Taylor / Poppy Ould



PSHE lead / music lead

Kelsey Brenchley 2 School Council

Key stage 2

  Year School responsibility
Emily Thompson 3 Maths / Year 1-3 Phase Lead (maternity cover)
Olivia Want 3  
Gladyz Galinato 4  
Nathaniel Burrows 4 Design Technology Lead
Andy Hudson / Mikaela Smith 5 Strategic IT / Geography
Alison Amos 5 Art Lead
Emily Dakin 6 PE lead
Claire Poxon / Amanda Margerson 6 History lead / EVC lead

Additional Teaching Staff

Vicky Wells SENDCO 
Kathy Fountain SEND teacher

Our Admin Staff

Marie Tomlin Office Manager / Admissions
Lyn Abbott Personnel
Sandy Christen Receptionist

Our Facilities team

Steve Hopkins Site Manager
Liam Barker Maintenance
Tom Walker Maintenance apprentice

Designated staff for Child Protection

Megan Taylor Safeguarding lead
Alma McGonigle Headteacher
Sally Hudson Assistant headteacher
Candise Day  Welfare Officer
Kathy Fountain SEND teacher
Vicky Wells SENDCO