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Year 6 homework

As the SATs are fast approaching, the Year 6 team will provide details of daily homework activities that the children can complete.

Date Activity
Thursday 16th March Maths guide  (page 21 - long division). Read the method and complete the examples.
Friday 17th English guide - Look through pages 29-37 and identify any areas that you need to read carefully. Then answer the questions on page 38-39.
Monday 20th English guide - Look through pages 20-26 and identify any word types that are difficult for you. Read the section and then answer the questions on page 27-28.
Wednesday 22nd Maths guide - Read pages 80-85 and find the sections that you are having difficulty with. Complete questions 1-7 on page 92.
Thursday 23rd

English guide - Read pages 43-47 and answer the multiple-choice questions on pages 48-49.

Play Kahoot -

Friday 24th Look at the MyMaths letter that your teacher has given to you. Log on to the MyMaths website using the details on the letter and choose an area that you feel you need to work on.
Tuesday 28th 

My Maths - Complete the Coordinates (Negative) activity


In the Maths revision guide read pages 88-91 and complete questions 10 on page 92

Thursday 30th - Sunday 3rd April

Choose two areas that you find difficult (look at the list in the back of your Maths revision guide) and revise those topics either using your guide or MyMaths.


Monday 3rd April Read page 33 'Active and Passive' and then answers questions on page 39.
Wednesday 5th April Write a diary entry of an eventful event that has happened in your life. Try to remember to include diary features and emotion, reaction and opinion.
Thursday 6th April Read page 101 'The Mean' and answer the questions on page 102.
Tuesday 25th April - Friday 5th May To ensure that the key skills that are required for SATs are secure  for the children, we will be asking the them to complete 10 minutes Maths, 10 minutes Reading and 10 minutes Punctuation/Grammar activities each night.